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The Pause

The Pause

Inviting Stillness During Chaos

You are familiar with the rush of anger, anxiety, fear, stress, and other emotions that trigger you. This uncomfortable stirring inside makes your face red or your stomach tighten. You have “talked” about this in therapy or with friends for years yet things don’t soften or change. Let me introduce you to what I call “The Pause”. The discomfort we experience in our bodies during a triggered moment offers us enough sensation to remind us of this intervention. Physically stop what you are doing or pause the next time you feel that twinge, tightness, quivery, pounding  or uncomfortable sensation  in your body. Take a moment to become “curious” about the sensation. Ask yourself these questions, “Hmm what are you afraid of right now, how is this sensation trying to help me, how is this feeling related to my past?” Just asking the sensation a few questions can give you enough insight into a deeper meaning. The trigger might have been the odd look the cashier gave you in the check out line, but there is something more significant to why you became deeply unsettled inside. Adding some compassion toward these uncomfortable feelings can invite understanding and inner peace. Then allow yourself to breath into the sensation and notice where feel calm and still in your body. Take a few seconds to stay focused on the stillness and then shift your attention back to your daily routine.  A pause allows us to slow down, gain clarity, and soften the sensation.

I help people to have a deeper understanding of what is happening internally, and through this new found information people start to feel more compassionate toward themselves.

Asheville Therapist, Vanessa Crisp, offers individual counseling to adult women and adolescents.