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The Pause

The Pause Inviting Stillness During Chaos You are familiar with the rush of anger, anxiety, fear, stress, and other emotions that trigger you. This uncomfortable stirring inside makes your face red or your stomach tighten. You have “talked” about this in therapy or with friends for years yet things don’t soften or change. Let me […]

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Honored to Sit with You

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Honored to Sit with You A Letter From Asheville Therapist Dear________ , (names of all humans entering counseling), Thank you….. thank you for coming today to sit with me while seeking guidance, support, healing, and counseling for yourself. That drive wasn’t so easy was it? The anxiety leading up to the appointment, the worry of not […]

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Counseling in the New Year

2015  An Invitation To Counseling Welcome 2015 and all of you who read this post today!   Oh the phrase, “Happy New Years!!” Yet for so many, the year doesn’t feel happy or hopeful. For others, the idea of starting fresh is inspiring and exciting. For the one who does not feel positive about the new […]

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