I am honored to offer counseling to women in Asheville seeking true inner healing. During the past two years I have been on a journey to learn a therapy modality which is honoring and respectful toward Christian faith. I didn’t want to tell my Christ-following clients to exclusively, “Pray more, read the Bible more, and go to church more.” When we practice these disciplines and do not feel better, we start to feel like something is wrong with our faith, or that we are not good Christians. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support practicing spiritual disciplines like prayer, fellowship, and scripture reading on a daily/regular basis. Too often, however, the spiritual practice feels more like tasks to complete and check off of our to-do list, and less like a moment of authentic interaction with God. This is what I am currently most passionate about in my life. I long to see women truly heal from the marring and darkness of their past, and experience the everlasting freedom and love that generates a deep relationship with Jesus.

So, how do I actually help women experience this freedom? I have completed extensive training in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy modality and I have been seeking specialized supervision from a therapist who specializes in Christian theology and IFS therapy. A therapy modality is a research-based counseling method with a set of procedures and frameworks for the therapists to work from. Ladies, IFS is beautiful. I can’t share everything I would like you to know about IFS in this one blog post, but what I can say is this: if you are ready to encounter Jesus in your story (past, present, and future), you may be a good candidate for IFS therapy. If you Google IFS therapy, you will see it is not a Christian counseling technique. Wait! Don’t stop reading or turn me away just yet. Many therapy modalities therapists train in are not considered “Christian modalities.” This is the nature of the counseling world, and a good Christian therapist will know what is appropriate and Biblically acceptable to integrate into their practice. God created social science and psychology, and man is taking what He created to pioneer beautiful modalities and ways to help others. In my practice, therapy modalities do NOT replace my Christian theology, the Bible, or my belief in Jesus. In this case, IFS is a protocol that allows me to help folks to experience deep healing.

If you ready to heal from any past trauma, conquer perfectionism, reduce the need to please 24/7, increase your self-esteem, operate from your gifts within, and walk close with Jesus, please consider talking to me about my counseling services.

NOTE: My counseling services gladly support women of other spiritual faiths/practices, and IFS can work well for many people. I am happy to sit with women of different faith backgrounds. Please contact me to see if I would be a good fit for you.