IFS Level 3 Is Complete!!




Hey Everyone. Hope you all are taking extra good care of yourselves as you go through this election week.   

Last week I had the opportunity to complete the level 3 IFS training. This is the final IFS training level and I am excited to report that it was an incredible and healing experience. I was able to glean a lot of information to fine tune my complex trauma practice and advance my IFS skills. One of the things I love about IFS trainings is we have to experience the model not just learn it. That means we are required to do our own healing work and be the client not just the therapist. When  I participated as the client  I was able to work with my own parts, and heal exile’s burdens (childhood wounds).

I personally think it is really important for a therapist to do their own healing work and to care for their own emotional wounds. Not only does it help them heal on a personal level, it will aid in their ability to show up well for their clients. It does not put them “above” their clients, it supports their ability to stay calm and clear while working with someone who desires to heal their own complex trauma wounds. I feel level 3 helped me to move in that direction. I also believe it has helped integrate my ability to track parts and sense exiles in session. 

If you are new to IFS therapy and want to learn more please contact me. I am currently offering IFS therapy for North Carolina clients and have a waitlist for new clients. 

 Thank you all for your support, prayers, and kindness while I was out last week! I felt loved and cared for last week, and so many of you made that happen. 


Blessings + Vanessa