through imagery 

We have been discussing ways to help reduce stress, anxiety and fear in our previous blog posts. Today I want to introduce some resources that will target anxiety and stress reduction for yourself or children.

Guided imagery can take many forms, and it is usually associated with pictures or words that create a descriptive image in your mind. The idea is to only focus on the picture or words being read aloud. Try to focus on the different colors, images, and textures you see in the pictures. It is even fun to imagine you are in the picture surrounded by the scene. Often times when we try to stay focused on a single image or descriptive narrative our mind wanders off to other things we need to be doing. This is quite normal but try to always bring your attention back to the narrative or image.  By practicing this on a regular basis you can reduce anxiety symptoms and train yourself to go into a relaxing state in times of distress or fear.  Kids can use this tool too, and with your help they can learn how to self soothe by looking at beautiful pictures or listening to descriptive guided imagery.  These tools can help your children fall asleep, reduce anxiety and stress, and focus better while completing homework. Use the links below to see some samples of guided imagery videos.

guided imagery tools

A list of videos and scripts from various resources online. All credit is given to the original author. I did not create these videos.

1)      The Beach– Have someone read this to you as you focus on the written scene.

2)      An audio version of beach guide imagery

3)      An audio version of forest guided imagery

4)      An audio version of Biblical guided meditation. Listen to scripture while viewing beautiful landscape.

5)      A slide show of several amazing nature photos with relaxing music

6)      An audio version of a magical playground guided imagery for children

7)      An audio version of “flying like a bird” guided imagery for children

8)      An audio version of muscle relaxation for teens

9)      An audio version of music and images to help children (or anyone) relax