Looking at the Christian Perspective

Welcome back! Last month we looked at Internal Family System therapy (IFS) as a tool for emotional healing and growth. This month we are going to look at how the core concepts of IFS correlates with Christian theology.  Therapist Marry Ann Griffth, LPC from Heritage Counseling Center has written a  blog  that captures exactly what I would like my blog readers and clients to know. She did a beautiful job clearly outlining concepts of IFS from a Biblical explanation. Check out her article- IFS and Christianity Blog.

I see IFS as a process of renewal and sanctification while learning how to live from the direction of our true self and the Holy Spirit. I see it as helping us untangle all the different parts of ourselves so that we can access our core gifts and greatest qualities. Lastly, I view IFS as a tool and protocol that allows me to safely guide clients through their stories and history while helping them to release old beliefs and thoughts that keep them from living to their fullest potential.

I specialize in Internal Family Systems counseling from a Christian worldview. I gladly counsel and support women from other worldviews and will use IFS without imposing Christian beliefs. Contact me if you are interested in emotional healing, spiritual growth, and to learn more about counseling.


Photo take by Vanessa Crisp

Photo take by Vanessa Crisp, Biltmore Estate 2016