Healing The Parts

In our inner being there is a light, it holds the spirit, compassion, curiosity, clarity, kindness, courage, love, and all things good and whole. It’s the image of God, and it guides us. As believers, we call this the Holy Spirit, others may call this the core, true self, inner light. When life brings darkness, trauma, or sadness we sometimes can’t access this inner light or spirit. We develop ways to live, survive, and cope with life’s tragedies. These new ways of survival become “parts” of who we are, and if they are running the show it makes it difficult to be in touch with God, spirit, the light, or true self. Once we get to know our parts and love them, let them experience healing from the inner spirit, God, or Jesus  they can shift into a healthy role and allow more light to shine through. We never ask to get rid of our parts, they play a huge role in our lives. We just strive for them to be balanced, doing the work as they were intended to do. When we heal we create more space for love to shine through. Our “anxious parts” calm down and only alert us when we need to be alarmed. Our “caretaker parts” help others through  kindness instead of seeking approval. Our “depressed parts” help us grieve and cry; it shows up to help us take care of our emotions. Our “addictive parts” calm down and enjoys life at a healthy stable pace. Our “workaholic parts” work well and hard yet not all day long. Our “busy parts” are productive while knowing when to rest. The list goes on. We have many different parts that live inside of us.  Some have been around for years, others have recently showed up. Some parts we don’t even know exists, they are just frozen in time. As our parts meet the loving Father, access the Holy Spirit, experience the inner light they change, thrive, and become spirit led.

For more info on Internal Family Systems Therapy from Asheville therapist please contact Vanessa. She offers a Biblical prospective to this psycho-spiritual therapy model.

Little girl running on meadow with sunset

“You were born a child of light’s wonderful secret— you return to the beauty you have always been.”Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black