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Discovering Your Inner Light

Discovering Your Inner Light

Words From Asheville Christian Counselor

Ever go through moments when you really do feel like you are connected with your true self? Maybe it’s been a while, maybe you don’t even have a clue what I am talking about. A part of you could be thinking, “Oh here we go with that woo woo stuff…please…” And at the same time a part of you could be thinking, “I wish I was really connected with my true, confident, whole self.” It’s okay to be honest…. no really.. let’s be completely honest.

Deep deep within ourselves there is this inner light/space/place of peace. This existence holds all of your gifts, talents, confidence, clarity, calmness, peace, and place of knowing who you really are. For Christ followers, we know this as where the image of God lives within us. It’s the wonderment of our purpose and the Holy Spirit guides us into this place of being.  When I look at a baby I can see this immediately. When I see creation I can feel the power of God’s presence. It feels like a glow and a warmth of light flowing in and around us.

Life…. good ol’ life…. happens. It just does friends. We know this because if feels dark and we can’t find the light anymore. The light never left you, the pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, shame, guilt,…fill in the blank ________, has blocked your connection to the inner light or your true self.

Christ is right there, right next to you holding that pain. Weeping with you and desperately fighting for you. When we connect to His presence the darkness moves back and there it is… the light. We can find our true selves again.

Are you ready to find your true self that God created? Are you ready to connect with your internal world? Are you curious about this light? Are you tired of being best friends with the pain and darkness?

Let’s sit together and discover what God really wants for you. As an Asheville Christian counselor, I will safely guide you through this healing process. Contact me.