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Making a House a Home

Just Moved In Making a House a Home My husband and I just moved into our own home this summer!!! What an exciting and exhausting time. We went through many emotions as we settled into our Weaverville home. Moving can be a very stressful time for children and even teens. We become attached to our […]

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Back To School Tips

Back to School Top 5 Tips From Asheville Therapist to Get Your  Family Back in Routine: Let’s face it, trying to get back on the school schedule is challenging for you and your kids. Routinely, I am talking with families about how important it is to use a balanced structure at home. As a child counselor in […]

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Play Therapy Asheville, NC

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Play Therapy Asheville, NC  How Is Play REALLY Helping My Child? You are taking your child to see a therapist and you leave the session asking yourself, “How is creating art and playing with toys really helping my child?” This is a valid question and one that deserves an answer. Young children best communicate to others […]

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Parenting Tips

3 Quick Parenting Tips To Create a Happier Home Let’s face it we are so busy trying to survive the hectic day sometimes it is difficult to know how to even begin making positive, little changes that will create a peaceful family life. As a therapist in Asheville, I often get asked many parenting questions […]

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Child Anxiety and Fear

Child Anxiety and Fear How Can Parents Help? Part One You are not alone if you have a child struggling from anxiety or fear! You may feel hopeless and confused as you try to help your child reduce their anxiety. Sometimes the strategies that once cured a nightmare are no longer effective. You have given […]

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