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Christian Meditation

Hi Folks, thanks for stopping by. Today I want to share a new resource I have found to be helpful, healing, and relaxing.  Do you ever wish you could “de-clutter” your mind, become present with God, and even hear His voice? Well, you can! There are many practices in our culture that teach meditation and for Christ followers we may get a little nervous when we hear the word “meditate”. The Bible teaches us to meditate and to ponder God’s word.

What does that even look like? Sitting for hours in silence? Praying for hours? Well let’s keep it simple for now and start with this resource: Mindful Worship

I thoroughly enjoyed this website, particularly the free guided meditations. I tried “When I Considered Your Heavens” andIn Tune with Him and felt God’s presence, a sense of calmness, and closeness to Jesus. This site provides you with Biblical guided meditation scripts to help you get started in this form of worship. The authors also share articles that teaches you simple steps to begin Christian Meditation.

Meditation is something I never grew up practicing, but as a adult I long to cleanse my mind,  focus on God’s Word, be still with Jesus, and hear God’s voice. I believe one way to accomplish this we must get still, disconnect from technology, and focus our attention inward. Take a moment to check this site out to see if it is a good resource for you.

I am a Christian therapist here in Asheville, NC offering counseling services to adolescents through adult aged women. I also utilize a therapy modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS). In IFS we work on connecting to our true selves, living from the Image of God and connecting to the Holy Spirit. IFS  is a beautiful tool to help believers and non-believers find freedom for anxiety, depression, trauma symptoms, fear, and more. Contact me if you are ready to begin the counseling journey.heal2