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Play Therapy Asheville, NC

Play Therapy Asheville, NC

 How Is Play REALLY Helping My Child?

You are taking your child to see a therapist and you leave the session asking yourself, “How is creating art and playing with toys really helping my child?” This is a valid question and one that deserves an answer. Young children best communicate to others through play and art. Children have not yet developed the verbal capacity to communicate their deep and inner feelings. They are not always aware of their internal emotions. If you watch a child play without giving instructions, rules, and demands, you will see his whole inner world emerge in the items he is interacting with. Play therapists usually have many miniature figurines, animals, and, dolls/doll houses, for the child to choose from. The child is allowed to pick whatever he wants to play with and the therapist is watching his body language, play, mood, and responses. The therapist will then make subtle reflections and remarks to the child about what she is seeing in his play.  As the child continues to play he may begin to share what he is feeling and thinking. This allows the therapist an opportunity to validate him, ask deeper questions, or teach him a new coping skill.


Are you still wondering how this will help your child do better in school and home?

See the list below for some helpful thoughts:

  1. Children in play therapy will learn to experience and express emotions. As they engage in play they will work through their feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, despair, ect. They will gain more insight on how to express these feelings in a healthy way.
  2. Children will learn new social and relational skills in play therapy, and they will develop stronger relationships with their family members.
  3. They will develop a deeper sense of self efficacy and will be able to have a stronger ability to access their inner strengths.
  4. The relationship they develop with the therapist is healthy and safe  allowing them to express their concerns and problems through their play.
  5. Some of the more difficult things to talk about in therapy can “come out” in play, which is very therapeutic and healing. The child can release his inner turmoil in a safe manner. This allows him to then learn new skills and ways of coping.
  6. This is just a list of some of the benefits.Visit Association for Play Therapy  for more information and education on play therapy

Welcome to Vanessa’s play therapy space for children!


Toys for children to choose from

Toys for children to choose from

Play Area

Play area

As a child and family therapist in Asheville, NC, I offer a safe environment for children to express their emotions and concerns. I provide play therapy to children 5 years and older. Not only will I work with your child, I will work with you on ways you can help your child at home and in the community. If your son or daughter is experiencing behavioral issues at school/home, increase of sadness, increase of aggression, and difficulties interacting with other children please consider therapy. For a free consultation call: 828-338-9033.