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Parenting Support

Is your family struggling to show mutual respect to one another? Does it feel like you are always fighting and running in circles? Do you feel you are going to pull your hair out if you have to tell your child one more time to do what you ask? Is your son or daughter a teenager but he/she still has tantrums like a young child? I am here to empathize with your frustrations and provide encouragement! You are a good parent, and just because your child/ teen is struggling to respect you it does not mean you have failed! There is hope and things can get back on track, and there are some great parenting skills you can put to test in your home. I have sound experience addressing these concerns, and I thrive to help parents feel empowered as they create happy and healthy homes!

How Can You Help Us?

We will meet together to discuss what the major difficulties you and your family experience frequently at home, school, and/or and in the community. From here we will identify goals for your family and I will provide you with parenting strategies and communication tools to try at home. I will continue to support you and recommend different interventions until we find the right fit! Your child or teen will be involved in this process. It is very important for them to express their thoughts and feelings, and we will do our best to work as a team. However, as we are developing plans and strategies it may not be appropriate for your child or teen to be present during the sessions. In addition to the parenting coaching, I offer family therapy sessions to address any family conflict, communication barriers, relationship discord, or any other concern your family is experiencing.

As time progresses and things heal you will no longer need parenting coaching and can access the services as needed.


•Collaboration to determine what is not working at home or in the community

•Education on new parenting interventions and behavior management strategies

•Family therapy to address non-behavioral based issues (communication, relational healing, conflict, etc.)

•Check-ins and follow up after  a family has reached their goals