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Honored to Sit with You

Honored to Sit with You

A Letter From Asheville Therapist


Vanessa’s counseling office

Dear________ , (names of all humans entering counseling),

Thank you….. thank you for coming today to sit with me while seeking guidance, support, healing, and counseling for yourself. That drive wasn’t so easy was it? The anxiety leading up to the appointment, the worry of not having enough time to do the day’s tasks, and then the willingness to walk inside. I want you to know that I am incredibly honored to share this hour with you. I am not going to try and “fix” you or make you feel “broken”. My heart is open to wherever you need to go today, and let’s allow your true self, spirit, and love to heal the places inside that are hurting.  As you share your stories, I see  courage and bravery; I don’t pity you or try to “feel sorry for you.” That is not why you came here today. I want to validate and speak truth to you while letting you lead our walk in this hour. Sometimes you may need me to be more assertive in a loving way to help you focus on the places you know you have been avoiding for a long time. You know those places…. the ones that are hard to talk about… the pictures of the past that desperately need healing, love, and transformation.  Those places that keep you feeling stuck, anxious, and afraid. Don’t worry, you don’t need to relive that in here. This is a safe place to slowly counsel through the places and memories of the past. Remember you are brave and you survived, you are sitting here today. I hope you know how honest I am being when I say I am honored to sit with you. I am incredibly gracious you were lead to my office today and I will give my very best to this time… and every time you return to this space.


Until our next hour together,,,,,




Vanessa Crisp is a licensed therapist here in Asheville, North Carolina. She provides a counseling for children, adolescents, families, and adult women. Vanessa uses various counseling techniques to help those seeking her services. Vanessa has almost completed an additional year of training in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. IFS offers a very safe and nurturing way for people to heal from trauma and past experiences.  Vanessa has been attending her own IFS therapy sessions and knows what is feels like to be the “client”.  To see if her counseling services are a fit for you please visit this page.