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Lighten Up… Watch Penguins… Consider Counseling…

Today in Asheville, NC we were hit with what we “Southerns” call a lot of SNOW!!! We are the crowd that buys all the milk and bread when we hear there is going to be a winter storm!!! …cough…cough. 3-4 inches. So you may be wondering what does this have to do with counseling. Well Some of us are stuck inside fretting and worrying about what didn’t get accomplished today. TOTALLY normal yet exhausting. Sometimes we need to be TOLD from our closest comrades that it’s okay to have a true SNOW DAY! That we can let it go, drink too much hot chocolate, read those books that have an inch of dust on them, and if all else fails watch the penguins.

If it seems that every cell in your body won’t let you lighten up and enjoy the day then it may be a good idea to considering counseling. YEP that’s right; counseling can help you learn how to be present, relaxed, and less tense. If you are thinking, “Please, I am not going to go to counseling for a minor thing as this,” I would challenge you and say, “Why not?” “Don’t you deserve to know how to enjoy a random day off?”  Think about it….. watch penguins… and think about it…..

Give me a call if you want to talk more about this ideal. You’d be surprised to see what can come of this.