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The Gifts In You


As we quickly approach the holiday season I would like to take a moment to pause and remind you of all the gifts you carry inside. Christian counseling offers a time for us to seek truth from God about who we are internally. Sometimes in our processing  we get swept away by our strong inner critics reminding us of all our “shortcomings.”  We ruminate on the should of, would of, could of moments in our past. We subconsciously criticize our very existence and how we ought to do things better, more perfect, more creative or more more more _______ (fill in the blank)….

Let’s take this celebratory time to see the true gifts we carry inside. Our talents, kindness, love, generosity, humor, diligence, compassion, patience, wisdom… or whatever trait that comes naturally for you.  The Advent season is a time to reflect on what has come and what is to come. We prepare our hearts to remember the birth of Christ and we anticipate His second return. For many believers, this a very sacred and special time of year.  We flip the boxes open on the Advent Calendar to watch our children savor a piece of chocolate, open a special gift, or learn about the events of the Nativity. If you participate in the Advent Calendar why not reflect each day on the gifts God has placed in your heart and personality. Spend a quiet moment asking God to show you a memory in the year where He demonstrated your spiritual gifts through you. You woke up your child softly and nurtured them with your entire heart.  You made a promise to take care of yourself, to get out of bed and to go for a walk….. that was a huge step for you. You completed something totally new this year, and you did it victoriously! You went to your first counseling appointment, you began a meditation practice, you walked away before you exploded with anger. The lists goes on. There are small and large victories throughout the year and in each moment you express the unique gifts that exists in you. This can’t be taken from you…. So embrace the truth of your gifts during the Christmas Season!


Love and Kindness,


It is with joy and honor to offer faith based counseling in Asheville, NC. I offer Christian counseling as well as other supportive talk counseling to teenagers, young adults, and adult women.  Please contact me if you have any questions about beginning the counseling journey.