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Christian Podcasts for the Soul

As a Christian counselor here in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC I find myself searching for resources that will fill my soul with God’s love and peace.  For many, trying to interpret and understand the scriptures can be a challenge, but friends take joy in the journey of growing closer to God through the Word. After a series of research and faith I have found 2 Christian podcasts that I feel comfortable sharing with you today.

Ransomed Heart- John Eldridge

If you are ready to dig deep into topics that are very thought provoking yet comforting head on over to Ransomed Heart Podcast. This podcast has changed my life and has given me real understanding on areas of the Christian life that we find hard to comprehend such as: suffering, internal conflict, how to interpret God, spiritual warfare, and more. This audio is a great tool to help you deepen and grow in your walk as a believer.

Living On the Edge- Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram has nailed it countless times in his daily pocasts. He offers tips and tools for everyday life encounters. Topics include messages on parenting, marriage, contentment, heaven, finding God, and much more. I love the practicality of Chip’s messages, and he delivers the word with love and grace. Weather you are in need of understanding the scriptures or messages on life, Chip will provide you with resources for your Christian walk.  To learn more visit:

Being grounded in truth is important for followers of Christ. Therefore, I hope you find these 2 Christian podcasts helpful as you learn more about God and your relationship with Him.